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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to both the sphenoidal and the ethmoidal regions of the skull, or the sphenethmoid bone; sphenethmoidal.
Sphenethmoid bone
(Anat.) a bone of the skull which surrounds the anterior end of the brain in many amphibia; the girdle bone.
n.1.(Anat.) The sphenethmoid bone.
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In the orbitotemporal region, the sphenethmoid commissures, a pair of arched slender cartilaginous rods, extends from the nasal capsule to the planum supraseptale.
parodii differs from remaining Calyptocephalellids in having a very large size, sphenethmoid bone showing longitudinal wing-like lateral processes, a very low teeth number (less than 6 premaxillary and 45 maxillary teeth), dorsoventrally low maxilla with a proportionally small and deeply concave orbital margin (fig.
Prenasal, internasal, and dermal sphenethmoid absent.