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 (spä′nə-kō′pē-tə, spăn′ə-)
A Greek pie made with layers of phyllo and a filling of seasoned spinach, onions, feta, and sometimes eggs.

[Modern Greek : spanaki, spinach (from Medieval Greek spanakin, spanakion, ultimately from Persian aspanākh) + pita, pie; see pita1.]


(ˌspænəˈkɒpɪtə) or


(Cookery) a Greek spinach pastry
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Must-try dishes include Shrimp Flan with Ginger Butter Sauce, Ratatouille, and Chicken and Spinach Pie.
90); courgette keftedes (shallow fried courgette patties, PS4), and plenty of delicious-sounding hot cheese dishes like the cheese and spinach pie (PS4.
This week, our European partners will have the opportunity to taste dishes such as afelia (pork cooked in wine), pourgouri (bulgar pilaf), halloumi (alas without the protected designation of origin label), tahini, spinach pie, yemista (stuffed vegetables), sheftalia, stifado (rabbit), makaronia tou fournou (oven macaroni), oven chicken and potatoes, and stuffed kalamari.
O'Brien will share recipes for Pumpkin Waffles, Savory Spinach Pie and other dishes.
From Pumpkin Waffles and Savory Spinach Pie to Chocolate Tapioca Pudding and Pineapple Upside Down Cake, this breaks down gluten-free special ingredients and surveys how they affect a recipe's texture and flavor.
Resembling a spinach pie, tarta pascualina originates from the Liguria section of Italy.
Then, out of the blue, Tracy mentioned that she was thinking of cooking Greek this week (we've both been thinking of all sorts of Hellenic dishes since I made that delicious custardy bougatsa a few weeks ago) and that I'd mentioned I rather like the famous crispy, squishy cheese and spinach pie, spanakopita.
It is used as a table cheese, as well as in salads, pastries and in baking, notably in spinach pie and cheese pie combined with olive oil and vegetables.
Seeded, spiced flat bread was just the tip of the iceberg and soon wenches began to serve spinach pie with a thick pastry crust, roasted suckling pig, chicken drumsticks, an array of homemade chutneys and special recipe sausages.
Try the spinach pie, which is topped with a brilliant green layer of garlicky, uncooked greens.