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Noun1.Spinacia - spinach
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
prickly-seeded spinach, spinach, spinach plant, Spinacia oleracea - southwestern Asian plant widely cultivated for its succulent edible dark green leaves
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4) is grown as a spinach substitute in areas too hot for Spinacia oleracea and was eaten by Banks with stingray and tripe; Banksia serrata (Fig.
The vegetable samples collected for this study were Solanum tuberosum (potato), Zingiber officinale (ginger), Allium cepa (onion), Brassica compastris (mustard), Abelmoschus esculanta (lady finger), Colocasia esculenta (taro), Coriandrum annum (coriander), Allium sativum (garlic), Spinacia oleracea (spinach), Lycopersicum esculentum (tomato), Capsicum annum (chilli), Daucus carota (carrot) and Cucumis sativus (cucumber).
Production of spinach, Spinacia oleracea as affected by different row spacings and frequency of cutting.
sativa; spinach, Spinacia oleracea (Amaranthaceae); sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas (Convolvulaceae); nappa cabbage, Brassica rapa pekinensis (Brassicaceae); bok choy cabbage, Brassica rapa chinensis (Brassicaceae); collards, Brassica oleracea (Brassicaceae); kale, B.
Spinacia oleracea Modulates Radiation-Induced Biochemical Changes in Mice Testis.
Secuencia de cultivos en las tres fincas estudiadas en Villa del Rosario, Norte de Santander Secuencia AQ * DQ_1 Finca 1 1 Acelga ** Cilantro 2 Cimarron Cilantro Finca 2 1 Acelga Cilantro 2 Perejil Cilantro Finca 3 1 Tilo Cilantro 2 Yerbabuena Cilantro Secuencia DQ_2 DQ_3 DQ_4 Finca 1 1 Cilantro Cilantro Perejil 2 Cilantro Perejil Cimarron Finca 2 1 Cilantro Lechuga Perejil 2 Cilantro Espinaca Espinaca Finca 3 1 Cilantro Acelga Cimarron 2 Cilantro Cimarron Acelga * Antes de quema (AQ), Despues de quema 1 (DQ I), Despues de quema 2 (DQ_2), Despues de quema 3 (DQ 3), Despues de quema 4 (DQ_4) ** Acelga: Beta vulgaris; Cimarron: Eryngium foetidum; Perejil: Petroselinum crispum; Cilantro: Conundrum sativum; Espinaca: Spinacia oleracea; Yerbabuena: Mentha spicata Cuadro 2.
Effect of sowing dates and row spacing on the yield of spinanch, Spinacia oleracea L.
The highest value of MTF was found for Portulaca oleracae followed by Spinacia oleracae L.
Hydrogen sulphide enhances photosynthesis through promoting chloroplast biogenesis, photosynthetic enzyme expression, and thiol redox modification in Spinacia oleracea seedlings," Journal of Experimental Botany, vol.
Spinacia Spinach may survive over winter in temperate regions.
There was also a reduction in the activity of the enzyme sucrose-phosphate synthase resulting from the inhibition of PP1 and PP2A by okadaic acid and MC-LR in leaves of Spinacia oleracea L.
oxysporum *, Fusarium Penicillium oxysporum *, commune *, Macrophomina Rhizoctonia phaseolina *, solani * Rhizoctonia solani * Spinacia Spinach Fusarium Aspergillusflavus *, oleracea L.