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a.1.Furnished with spines; spiny.
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I could easily have spined this monster, but I felt that I must not--so, with regret, I had to let it go.
Tatterdemalion vagrants--cheap braggadocio--"Arabian mares" spined and necked like the ichthyosaurus in the museum, and humped and cornered like a dromedary
The eastern Korean spined loach, Iksookimia yongdokensis, belonging to the endemic genus Iksookimia, was established as a new species by Kim & Park in 1997, and it inhabits streams in the south-eastern region of Korea (Kim & Park 1997).
Masonry based walls supporting the weight of structures were replaced by steel spined framing.
different species, from the 18cm spined pygmy shark to the 18-metre whale shark.
The spined soldier bug, Podisus maculiventris, is a generalist predator native to North America (Warren & Willis 1971; De Clercq 2000).
Finally, the protected fish species, European weather loach (Misgurnus fossilis) and spined loach (Cobitis taenia), will also benefit from project measures.
Once they were wet, the poorly spined arrow did its own thing.
Will they ever feel the thrill of running their fingers over rows of thickly spined books?
We prove that a semigroup S is a left- e wrpp semigroup if and only if S can be expressed as a spined product of an C-wrpp semigroup and a right normal band.
is allied to the African genera Austrophaea Lawrence, 1952, Mandaneta Strand, 1932 and Pronophaea Simon, 1897, with which it shares the strongly spined anterior legs, simple female spermathecal structure, and the male palp that has a fine median apophysis, curved embolus with associated conductor, and cymbium with a dense cymbial scopula and modified clavate setae.
375 with one hand and spined him, then finished him with a brain shot.