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The vibrations from the spinning tops will upset the moles and they will move on.
In their research, the astronomers looked at the orbital planes of upward of 600 Kuiper belt objects and analyzed how much they "wobbled" like spinning tops during their rotations, according to the university.
Even the illustrations indicate the variety of information on offer to the reader; spinning tops, windmills, boats, birds, seeds, leaves and kites.
Summary: Dubai Municipality bans spinning tops, stuffed dolls and masks that are dangerous to children
It's like they were cosmic spinning tops," Jorge Casares of the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) and La Laguna University (ULL), said.
Pupils later got to play Victorian street games, including cup and ball, spinning tops, and hoops and sticks.
MARCH 31: Kids can learn how to make their own spinning tops at the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh.
Another construction toy from those experts at Mega Bloks, youngsters get to build their own magnetically controlled spinning tops (strikers) before doing battle in the Battle Strikers arena.
Cards, dolls, kites, spinning tops, puzzles, and board games are just a few of the diversions that have lifted spirits among adults and children over the centuries.
Beyblade is a hot TV series on NickToons about a group of kids who form teams and battle one another using highly powerful spinning tops called "Beyblades".