spinning reel

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spin′ning reel`

a fishing reel having a stationary spool mounted parallel to the rod and a revolving metal arm that winds the line onto the spool and disengages during casting.
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A pretty good sized white drum took quite a bit of line off the spinning reel until it (the fish) ran out of steam.
I prefer a 5000-sized spinning reel and 7-foot, medium heavy, fast action rod.
Then, just a split-second before the bait hit the water, his thumb would act as a brake to the spinning reel.
Tenders are invited for 700 telescoping rod and reel sets with the following specifications: rod extends from 15 inches to almost 5 feet, reel and line are included, line is fed through guides on every section, lightweight with comfortable foam grip, design allows you to easily change to your favorite spinning reel if wanted, great for beginners and avid anglers alike- rod size collapsed is 75 dia x 16.
I longed for a spinning reel to make casting easier and, one Christmas, I got one.
Some five decades ago, when the spinning reel was first invented, I recall angling clubs becoming embroiled in some very fiery arguments, as the spinning reel was seen as the 'invention of the devil' which would eventually be responsible for killing off our fish stocks.
Together, we traveled to the Cedar River in Hamilton County to fly fish; Meacham Lake in the town of Duane to fish with a spinning reel for bass; and Palmer Pond in the town of North Hudson to troll for brook trout.
The Power Fish'n Pro features a Shakespeare spinning reel fitted with an electric motor to facilitate the fishing experience.
76 on the Wheel of Fortune Spinning Reel - Triple Double Emeralds, respectively.
Even competent and experienced spinning reel users changing to baitcasters will experience problems.
The company says the rod features a traditional Shakespeare spinning reel fitted with a strong, quiet, electric motor.
The spinning combo has a six-foot medium action tubular glass rod and a 30 size spinning reel with aluminum spool, pre-spooled with 6 lb.