n.1.A small thicket or grove with undergrowth; a clump of trees.
The downs rise steep, crowned with black fir spinnies.
- C. Kingsley.
a.1.Thin and long; slim; slender.
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It would complement any shape and could be worn heels to a party or flats on Chi Chi Melissa Dress This has the best spinny skirt I've found for a while.
The big spinny thing at the WalesOnline Winter Wonderland is a new city landmark
Save blindfolding your child and leading them to their seat, there's a not a lot you can do to stop them demanding those whizzy, spinny flashy things that punctuate the semi-darkness of these shows like mini, hand-held discos.
The participants passed through Benazir bridge, Spinny road and Sabzal road to reach the BMC.
you can tell the truth, even if it makes you feel a little bit spinny, then you've got it.
I, however, loved my train set and Subbuteo (self-explanatory), Battling Tops (where spinny things battled it out in a plastic arena), Rebound (which I vaguely remember wrecked my shooting finger) and KerPlunk.
The latest wave of persecution transpired on 6th of November 2012, when five Hazara passengers driving yellow cab, from Mehr abad to Hazara town, were ambushed at CNG pump station on Spinny Road, which has already witnessed hundreds of innocent but worthless Hazaras bled helplessly and succumbed to their injuries, amidst Frontier Crops' check post, in spite of section 144 imposed.
They were typical Asian style - very quick and spinny so I knew that was going to happen but when you actually play it is really, really spinny.
The 49-year-old mum, named locally as Ann Henry, was found lying on the side of the road in The Spinny housing estate in Roscommon town at around 2.
QUETTA, May 30, 2011 (Frontier Star): At least two policemen were killed while three others injured during firing on Spinny road in the provincial capital on Sunday.
Luxury lodge manufacturer Wessex Park and Leisure Homes is to unveil a new, innovative leisure lodge there, called The Spinny.