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A very large carnivorous theropod dinosaur of the genus Spinosaurus of the Cretaceous Period, characterized by a long narrow snout and long spines on the back that may have formed a sail-like structure.

[New Latin Spīnosaurus, genus name : Latin spīna, thorn + Greek sauros, lizard.]
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It is no coincidence that the dog, becoming protagonist in Kaputt s new version, changes his name from the Italian Spino to the anglicized Spin.
Morgan Glenn, the co-founder of the dispensary on Broadway in downtown Eugene, said the grower who raised the spino sad-contaminated pot wasn't specifically told that his marijuana had failed tests until it already was for sale on dispensary shelves.
Consistent with research in other disciplines (Sloutsky & Spino, 2004), naive theories may serve as a proxy for teachers' beliefs, acting as a filter through which a teacher processes and synthesizes new information (Fives & Buehl, 2012; Pajares, 1992) and influencing how they see the world (Strevens, 2000).
Ugualmente il dialogo tra i personaggi si rivela per lo piu inattuabile: si pensi al Notturno indiano in cui l'intera quete del protagonista consiste in un dialogo con Xavier che non avre mai luogo, oppure a Il filo dell'orizzonte attraverso Spino, il protagonista, alla ricerca di qualcuno con cui sare sempre incapace di dialogare.
We are grateful to Sioban Harlow, Catherine Spino, Kelli Stidham-Hall, Vanessa Dalton, William B.
Luciano Sinigaglia, deputy mayor of Spino d'Adda, said: "The sex workers should be treated as employees who work on road construction and forced to wear clothes that make them visible.
In Spino, a ladder manufacturer's president testified that during his thirty years with the company, he had never been informed that a product had failed in the way that the plaintiff alleged.
Bayard Canada Livres, Suzanne Spino, President, 514-844-2111, suzanne.
SPiNO sells himself very well and plays the sport of office politics like a varsity starter.
The ventral spino cerebellar tract is located in the lateral portion of LST, and unfortunately lesions of this tract can cause ipsilateral ataxia of the arm.
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