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The belief that the dead communicate with the living; spiritualism.

spir′it·ist n.
spir′it·is′tic adj.
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and International Spiritist Medical Associations, which promote knowledge about the connections between body and spirit.
340) In Gonzales, a Christian Spiritist sect filed suit against the government challenging provisions of the Controlled Substances Act that regulated the use of a hallucinogenic plant in the sect's religious practices.
What began as an effort by umbanda and candomble religious leaders now regularly draws 200,000 with participation from the Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Spiritist, and Protestant communities.
Patients with a clinical diagnosis of migraine, with or without aura, were recruited from the Ambulatory of Herbal Medicine of the Spiritist Society "Terra de Ismael" (Jardinopolis, SP, Brazil).
Nic-Nac in Which Are Recounted the Prodigious Adventures of This Gentleman and Are Made Known the Institutions, Customs and Preoccupations of an Unknown World: A Spiritist Fantasy (1875-76).
Giancarlo Lucchetti of the Sao Paulo (Brazil) Medical Spiritist Association and his associates interviewed 110 patients aged 60 or older who were attending an outpatient rehabilitation service.
His conclusion too entails a sober revaluation of traditional notions of originality and even creativity: Okri is praised highly for taking possession, re-creating and transfiguring the various sources that he uses; he is new and astonishing on account of the audacity, humour and poetic vitality he brings to bear in the effort to synthesize "African spiritist discourse" with the literary traditions of other lands which his Western education has made part of his patrimony.
And Graves more than once stresses that his mythology is utterly remote from the Yeatsian model, rejecting as he does spiritist and occultist practices: 'I am no mystic', he stated in 1957.
From records of pastoral visits, it is evident that Upper Guineans in Amazonia held onto many of the same spiritist beliefs that they had known across the ocean.
The Australian Casa is a branch of the Brazilian Spiritist centre Casa de Dom Inacio headed by the medium healer John of God in Abadiania, central Brazil.
She directed him to attend a Spiritist meeting at a nearby center the next day.