spirits of turpentine

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spirits of turpentine

(Elements & Compounds) (functioning as singular or plural) another name for turpentine3


(ˈtɜr pənˌtaɪn)

n., v. -tined, -tin•ing. n.
1. any of various oleoresins derived from coniferous trees and yielding a volatile oil and a resin when distilled.
2. Also called oil of turpentine, spirits of turpentine.a distilled form of this oleoresin, having a penetrating odor and a pungent, bitter taste, used as a paint thinner and solvent and in medicine.
3. an oleoresin exuded by the terebinth; Chian turpentine.
4. to treat with turpentine; apply turpentine to.
5. to gather or take crude turpentine from (trees).
[1275–1325; late Middle English, alter. of Middle English ter(e)bentyn(e) < Medieval Latin ter(e)bentīna, for Latin terebinthīna, n. use of feminine of terebinthīnus, adj. derivative of terebinth(us) terebinth]
tur`pen•tin′ic (-ˈtɪn ɪk) tur′pen•tin`ous (-ˌtɪn əs, -ˌtaɪ nəs) adj.
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