a.1.Having the mind set on spiritual things, or filled with holy desires and affections.
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The Calabasas-based artist makes positive, spiritual-minded films without car chases, gunfights or steamy sex scenes.
According to Nilakantha, a spiritual-minded sudra is also a vaidehika, achieving salvation after progressive rebirths as a vaisya, a ksatriya and a brahmana.
And the reels weren't considered as good music for all the spiritual-minded people then.
Scholarly deep, this is a lot to reflect on even for the intensely spiritual-minded.
LOS ANGELES -- Spiritual-Minded Indie Artist is Already a Star on The Islands and in L.
May is truly a citizen of the world--two continents specifically, as the spiritual-minded, ethereal-voiced artist's 2001 self-titled debut scored both in the U.