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 (frôg′hŏp′ər, frŏg′-)
Any of various plant-feeding insects of the superfamily Cercopoidea, having adults with long legs used for leaping and nymphs that form frothy masses of liquid on plant stems. Also called spittlebug.


(Animals) any small leaping herbivorous homopterous insect of the family Cercopidae, whose larvae secrete a protective spittle-like substance around themselves. Also called: spittle insect or spittlebug


(ˈfrɒgˌhɒp ər, ˈfrɔg-)

any of several leaping homopterous insects of the family Cercopidae, which as a larva is surrounded by a frothy mass.
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Noun1.froghopper - a variety of spittlebug
spittle insect, spittlebug - small leaping herbivorous insect that lives in a mass of protective froth which it and its larvae secrete
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It's Bullfrog Calling Season in the swamp and Spitbug Season in the parsnips.
9: Major planting of peppers, cantaloupes and cucumbers is taking place when you see spitbugs hang to the parsnips.
8: Natural markers for this week include the blooming of sweet Cicely, common fleabane, meadow goatsbeard, sweet rocket, poppies, iris, early mock orange, Korean lilac, and honeysuckle bushes, red-horse chestnut, wild cherry and locust trees, petalfall from most of the flowering crab apple trees, redbuds, azaleas and standard lilacs, the peak of warbler migration, the appearance of swallowtail butterflies, red admiral butterflies, small, orange fold-winged butterflies, white-spotted skipper butterflies, spitbugs, blue-tailed dragonflies, and scorpion flies in local gardens, goslings and ducklings along the rivers, webworms in the trees along the roadsides, and mating horseshoe crabs along the southern Atlantic coast.