Spoil bank

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a bank formed by the earth taken from an excavation, as of a canal.

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CPRA and its CWPPRA partner, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), constructed eight spoil bank gaps or channels to help maintain swamp elevation, improve swamp water quality, and increase productivity and regrowth of trees.
TARBELA GHAZI -- WAPDA has sought NoC from the Punjab government for resale of Spoil Bank land of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project to their original owners which had become spare from WAPDA usage after completion of the project.
Both the soil separator drum and conveyors are reversible and variable speed for easy padding in either direction in the spoil bank.
5 m (the long axis of each plot was up-and-down the slope) were established on a slope spoil bank (re-contoured by the mining company) in October 1998, Heavy earth moving equipment was used to construct the plots.
The 1500 BWE excavates overburden and via conveyors feeds the spreader, which in turn conveys the material across the open pit and distributes it on the developing spoil bank.
Pompano will often feed on a sandbar or spoil bank during a specific tide phase.
Both the soil separator drum and conveyors are reversible and variable speed, therefore the machines can pad in either direction in the spoil bank.
The terms spoil island and spoil bank are fairly well-understood by anglers to mean sand or other substrate deposited during channel dredging.
Snook could be lying anywhere along this hard line, but expect to find spikes in opportunity where rocky points jut from the main spoil bank.
Bounded on the north by a very shallow flat and on the south by a dredged spoil bank, the warm trench attracts trout (and many other species) in early winter and often holds them there into March.
If the tide's flooding, you can turn south at the eastern end of the rock spoil bank, work your way to the cove, and then head east.
Good snook fishing awaits throughout Bennett's Creek, and at rock islands in and around the mouth of the Withlacoochee, coastal creeks and the spoil banks along the Greenway and the Crystal River powerplant canal to the south.