Spring box

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the box or barrel in a watch, or other piece of mechanism, in which the spring is contained.

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Nestled inside Barr Al Jissah's Heritage Village this newly built centre is a one-of-a-kind edutainment centre and has everything that allows children to explore their creative side, be it a dedicated zone where children can wield all their energies in the Spring Box, Oman's first ever trampoline hall or let your creative juices flow at the Art Box, Edutainment Centre has it all.
Both films landed big deals, and "Doris" (starring Sally Field) has been a surprise hit at the spring box office.
Kate Williams and Lloyd Hughes, from Merthyr Tydfil, married at St Illtyd's Church on |September 4 SPRING BOX PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDINGS
The cellphone mounts on a small spring box, which in turn can be stood on any flat surface or on a small tripod that comes with it.
The Friends of Buford Park and Mount Pisgah host a tour of the Spring Box Prairie and Swing Hill Trail 3 on Saturday from 9 a.
The hop into spring box contains three shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths in sugar chick sugar coated marshmallow, chocolate bunny milk chocolate marshmallow and frosted cookie pink frosted sugar cookie.
To one half of the cap I'd attach the spring box feeder line to descend inside the tank about two inches.
The solution the team came up with was a covered spring box for the current drinking water supply; a roughing filter to remove large particulates from the water; a slow sand filtration system to remove viruses, bacteria, and organic contaminants, and a contained storage reservoir that the slow-sand filters feed into.
Lots of releases - ``The Hunted,'' ``Tears of the Sun,'' ``The Real Cancun'' - crashed and burned at the spring box office last year.
Fortuitously, a spring box had been constructed around the spring in the 1930s by colonial ranchers who watered cattle grazing about the lake below.
Tenders are invited for contractor shall perform spring box and pipelineinstallation services.