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A burrowing nocturnal rodent (Pedetes capensis) of southern Africa, having long powerful hind legs with which it leaps like a kangaroo.

[Partial translation of Afrikaans springhaas : spring, to leap up; see springbok + haas, hare.]
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A lot of people say it was a spring hare but I say: 'No, mate.
There are also songs about deserts and dry worlds and the meaning of water; songs about animals such as the spring hare, hippopotamus, horse and lion; stories about the moon; legends about the
Driving a Land Rover Defender over the 5,000-mile trek across the Sahara Desert, he completed the grilling event in 21 days and therefore qualifies for Street Talk's Mad Spring Hare Award.
His chilling catalogue lists targets and prices, rangingfrompounds 10 for a defenceless spring hare to pounds 1,350 for a leopard.