Spring wheat

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any kind of wheat sown in the spring; - in distinction from winter wheat, which is sown in autumn.

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During the work of the creative community a number of varieties of soft spring wheat have been created, included in the State Register of Selection Achievements, approved for use in the Russian Federation: Ekada 6, Ekada 66, Ekada 70, Ekada 97, Ekada 109, Ekada 113.
The three-member Canadian delegation comprised of McGill University's Associate Professor Dr Jaswinder Singh, Dr Tarlok Singh Sahota from Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station and Harpinder Singh from Spring Wheat and Triticale Breeding.
40-1/2 a bushel while MGEX March spring wheat rose 3-1/4 cents at $6.
The harvested area of US spring wheat was much lower than 2016.
He first gained recognition as an agriculturalist in December 1923, when his entry of hard spring wheat won third place at the International Livestock & Agricultural Exhibition in Chicago.
AFTER spending seven decades with spring wheat, Pakistan is now trying to add winter wheat to its list of agriculture produce.
The research studied the influence of time periods and doses of nitrogen fertilizers on the activity of glutamine synthetase enzyme (GS), content of ammonia in the leaves, photosynthetic activity of planting and yield capacity of spring wheat grain.
British scientists are planning the world's first field trials of a GM spring wheat with added genes to improve yield by enhancing its ability to tap the sun's energy.
In order to know the species richness and composition of ground-dwelling predators within the field and its surroundings, accurate estimation is of paramount importance in spring wheat fields (Anjum-Zubair et al.
Anchor Winter Wheat is made with a unique blend of 2-row pale barley malt, Belgian roasted wheat malt, German pale spring wheat malt, "Midnight" and hard red wheat malts from the Midwest, and the soft local red winter wheat.
One large undertaking involved crossing winter wheat with spring wheat to create hearty varieties resistant to disease.