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Noun1.spy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosionsspy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosions
artificial satellite, orbiter, satellite - man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon
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Contract Awarded to Design reusable XS-1 robot spaceplane that will launch secret spy satellites and space weapons.
Tokyo put spy satellites into operation in the early 2000s after its erratic neighbour North Korea fired a mid-range ballistic missile over the Japanese mainland and into the western Pacific in 1998.
While this success has been viewed joyously in China, Bill Ostrove, a space industry analyst, said that the satellites are believed to be spy satellites, and he also said that many Western sources also claim it to be so.
intelligence said tracking data from spy satellites confirmed that the jet en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday.
21 ( ANI ): A new iPhone app provides notifications to a user when spy satellites or unclassified imaging satellites are zooming above their heads and taking pictures.
While officials did not make clear the purpose of the new space-tracking center, it appeared that the goal was to watch for foreign spy satellites as they pass over Iran.
The latest move comes as South Korea and the US are mobilizing intelligence assets, including spy satellites, to detect early signs of a third atomic test in Punggye-ri in the North's northeastern tip.
m chemi unstab th milita Hezbo One report suggested that Syria and Hezbollah wanted to use overcast weather to send weapons across the border undetected by spy satellites.
His work has included several space-related projects--the Apollo program, the Nimbus satellite, spy satellites, missile tracking programs--and he has written 230-plus computer science books.
They'd better be more convincing than those trumped up by the International Criminal Court against his father, all of which have been proven complete cobblers by humanitarian agencies on the ground in Libya and Russian spy satellites.
The NRO oversees technical operations related to US spy satellites.
The Ofek 9, which the Defense Ministry said was launched from the Palmachim air force base south of Tel Aviv, will join three other Israeli spy satellites already in space.