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Noun1.square yard - a unit of area equal to one yard by one yard square
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
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B 46 BP Neelam Bata Road NIT Faridabad Area 344 50 sq yards in the name of Dharmender Chaudhry
Chairman CDA was apprised that the citizen facilitation centre is being constructed on area of 2500 sq yards, and it will serve the general public as all kind of services related to CDA / IESCO / SNGPL / PTCL/ NADRA/ passport etc would be available under one roof.
It added that six of 27 flats were sealed in a green belt measuring 1,400 sq yards, after the Supreme Court order in 2011.
At the time pitches were 200 yards by 100 yards, which is 20,000 sq yards and that only fit in to one of the three fields - Far Glade.
27 lakh plots of 100 sq yards each have been allotted.
88 square yards in F-11 Markaz fetched a bid of Rs 353,000 per sq yards, which amounts to Rs 345.
The new centre has 1,000 sq yards of wall, including areas for beginners and boulders for more experienced climbers.
The plot at the Tarran Industrial Estate also includes an extensive yard covering nearly 1,000 sq yards, and a third of a hectare of undeveloped land with development potential.
James Mattin, associate partner at Bond Wolfe, said: "Portland Court Business Centre is a substantial 3,900 sq ft office development with 37 parking spaces and 200 sq yards of lawns.