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n.1.A square. See 1st Squire.
Not the worst of the three but jumps twelve foot and a half by the squier.
- Shak.
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In spite of severe theoretical contradictions, Squier adds O'Brien into her own edifice, claiming that "it is from this core of anxiety over human reproductive asymmetry that the image of ectogenesis [reproduction outside the womb] speaks.
Squier is president and chief executive of Howmet Corp.
She falls in love with Alan Squier, a failed author who stops at the restaurant on his way to California and proposes elopement.
One of them is Bob Squier of Squier Eskew Knapp & Ochs Communications in Washington.
Squier, the beautiful, much-married future wife of <IR> FRANK LESLIE </IR> .
Dave Squier is the new chief operating officer of Alaska-based Northern Aviation Services (NAS).
Billy Squier performs for Rockers With a Cause along with Charlie Farren of Farrenheit, Christian McNeil & Sea Monsters, Joe Silva, and The Chicago All Star Band.
Paulsen Marketing promotes Marcus Squier to Dir of Client Services.
HAT'S MY BOY: Commanding officer Lt Colonel Chris Squier is reunited with his son William after returning from Helmand WELCOME HOME: Gunner Chris Whitaker is met by mam Kathy Cummings and sister Caroline Whitaker; right, Gunner Shaun Saunders with his son Jay DAD'S BACK : Lance Bombardier Pattinson is reunited with sons Joseph and Zak HOME AT LAST: Lance Bombardier Stuart Robinson embraces girlfriend Karin Jansen
Guest speaker is Judy Squier of Grants Pass, a retired speech pathologist and writer.
Lieutenant Colonel Chris Squier, Commanding Officer, 4th Regiment Royal Artillery, said after his death on May 26: "Gunner Zak Cusack was a big man with the personality to go with it.
551 9174 GUITAR, SQUIER Fender in a case, pounds 35 Tel.