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A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Caelum and Puppis. Also called Dove.

[Latin columba, dove.]


also Col·um  (kŭl′əm), Saint 521-597.
Irish missionary who established a monastery on the island of Iona and subsequently Christianized northern Scotland.


n, Latin genitive Columbae (kəˈlʌmbiː)
(Astronomy) as in Alpha Columbae. a small constellation in the S hemisphere south of Orion
[Latin, literally: dove]


(Biography) Saint. ?521–597 ad, Irish missionary: founded the monastery at Iona (563) from which the Picts were converted to Christianity. Feast day: June 9


(kəˈlʌm bə)

Saint, A.D. 521–597, Irish missionary in Scotland.
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Noun1.Columba - a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Puppis and Caelum
2.Columba - type genus of the Columbidae: typical pigeons
bird genus - a genus of birds
Columbidae, family Columbidae - doves and pigeons
Columba livia, rock dove, rock pigeon - pale grey Eurasian pigeon having black-striped wings from which most domestic species are descended
bandtail, band-tail pigeon, band-tailed pigeon, Columba fasciata - wild pigeon of western North America; often mistaken for the now extinct passenger pigeon
Columba palumbus, cushat, wood pigeon, ringdove - Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neck
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We, Province 37 of The Knights of St Columba, have held annual day out free of charge for all additional needs people from special schools and different organisations throughout NE Wales & NW England.
Police are probing claims that PS100,000 was stolen from the Knights of St Columba.
He was a member of St Columba Parish, the Eastside Post 201 American Legion and the Laborers Union.
WE visited the birthplace of St Columba in the beautiful countryside of County Donegal.
August 22, 565: St Columba claimed to have seen a monster in Loch Ness.
It's St Luther, Church of England, St Peter, Church of Rome and St Columba, a Celtic saint.
On This Day: 565: St Columba reported seeing a monster in Loch Ness.
The year 1997 will be the 1,400th anniversary of two landmarks in the coming of Christianity to the pagan English: the arrival of St Augustine in Canterbury and the death of St Columba on Iona.
The firm, Rocep Lucol, was getting ready to demonstrate its products by erasing slogans which had been the scourge of St Columba Church, in Foxbar, for the previous two-and-a-half years.
e following churches are Grade II listed buildings: St John the Evangelist 1865; Holy Trinity North Ormesby 1869; All Saints 1878; St Barnabus 1892; St Columba 1902; St Mary the Virgin Nunthorpe 1926; Sacred Heart 1932 formerly known as St Philomena until 1961.
There will be candlelight concert at St Columba Church on the corner of Chantry and Alcester Roads on Sunday Organisers will be putting on early festive music including baroque and dance for guests.
St Columba's United Reformed Church in St Columbas Close, Radford, will mark the occasion tomorrow with a service led by the moderator of the United Reformed Church, the Rev Elizabeth Caswell, at 10.