Santo Domingo

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San·to Do·min·go

 (săn′tō də-mĭng′gō, sän′tō dō-)
The capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic, in the southeast part of the island of Hispaniola on the Caribbean Sea. Founded in 1496 by Christopher Columbus's brother Bartholomew (c. 1460-1515), it was the first permanent European settlement in the Western Hemisphere. From 1936 to 1961, it was called Ciudad Trujillo. The name Santo Domingo has also been used for a Spanish colony on Hispaniola and for the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo

(ˈsæntəʊ dəˈmɪŋɡəʊ; Spanish ˈsanto ðoˈmiŋɡo)
1. (Placename) the capital and chief port of the Dominican Republic, on the S coast: the oldest continuous European settlement in the Americas, founded in 1496; university (1538). Pop: 1 920 000 (2005 est). Former name (1936–61): Ciudad Trujillo
2. (Placename) the former name (until 1844) of the Dominican Republic
3. (Placename) another name (esp in colonial times) for Hispaniola

San•to Do•min•go

(ˈsæn toʊ dəˈmɪŋ goʊ)
1. the capital of the Dominican Republic, on the S coast: first European settlement in the New World 1496. 1,313,172.
2. a former name of Dominican Republic.
3. a former name of Hispaniola.
Also, San Domingo (for defs. 2,3).
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Noun1.Santo Domingo - the capital and largest city of the Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo - the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic; "Santo Domingo is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the Americas with the oldest cathedral and the oldest hospital and the oldest monastery in the Western Hemisphere"
Dominican Republic - a republic in the West Indies; located on the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola
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