St. Mark

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Noun1.St. Mark - Apostle and companion of Saint PeterSt. Mark - Apostle and companion of Saint Peter; assumed to be the author of the second Gospel
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Mark, the Bronze Horses, and the famous Lion of St.
Of course we went to see the venerable relic of the ancient glory of Venice, with its pavements worn and broken by the passing feet of a thousand years of plebeians and patricians--The Cathedral of St.
About the founding of the city of Venice--say four hundred and fifty years after Christ--(for Venice is much younger than any other Italian city,) a priest dreamed that an angel told him that until the remains of St.
Francis left the hotel, by the lanes that led to the Square of St.
Minister of Defense and Military Production Sedqi Sobhi (L) during his visit to Pope Tawadros of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St.
Nearly a hundred years ago, an explosion destroyed much of Halifax's north end, including St.
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Eastern Consolidated's Retail Leasing Division has arranged a 10-year, 1,400 s/f lease at 30 St.
Mark: GPS for the Journey: A Pedagogical Aid" Professor Lemcio has created a superbly organized and presented study guide revealing how St.
There newest publication is "Reading The Gospel Of St.
The property south of that, starting at Maryland Street, stretching south to 10th Street and spanning the area between Fair Park and Fillmore Street, will become a parking lot for St.