St. Nick

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Noun1.St. Nick - the legendary patron saint of childrenSt. Nick - the legendary patron saint of children; an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas
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Environmental Protection Agency is providing $400,000 to the City of New York to assess abandoned and contaminated properties in neighborhoods, including areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and is providing a $200,000 job training grant to St.
The children, who all live in Central Massachusetts, were thrilled with the visit from St.
Although HOLIDAY GRIND arrived too late for feature in our holiday issue, it deserves ongoing recommendation for any solid mystery library, offering a fine holiday-based mystery surrounding Clare Cosi, owner of the Village Blend coffeehouse who finds St.
Consider adding a snowman a reindeer or even old St.
Readers of Germany's largest-circulation paper have reported seeing the saluting St.
In ``The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause,'' Disney's latest collection plate to be passed around the multiplexes, a reluctant St.
Like other children, we didn't actually see the presents till Christmas morning, and we steadfastly and innocently held to the belief that St.
25, will also bring back Todd Price (in photo, in Santa suit) on piano as a chain-smoking St.
Almost all of the new introductions -- with the exception of the Christmas-themed Snow Guys, Frosty Folks and Jolly Ole St.
Night, By Itself, premiered on a program that included three other Miller dances: St.