Stable equilibrium

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(Mech.) the kind of equilibrium of a body so placed that if disturbed it returns to its former position, as in the case when the center of gravity is below the point or axis of support; - opposed to unstable equilibrium, in which the body if disturbed does not tend to return to its former position, but to move farther away from it, as in the case of a body supported at a point below the center of gravity. Cf. Neutral equilibrium, under Neutral.

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Then there were the pebbles and stones that turned under him when he trod upon them; and from them he came to know that the things not alive were not all in the same state of stable equilibrium as was his cave--also, that small things not alive were more liable than large things to fall down or turn over.
Sustainable Industries examined the different approaches taken to integrate sustainability into various industries, uncovering what all sustainable business models have in common and how businesses achieve a stable equilibrium between use and production.
It finally gave us"a stable equilibrium of forests, savannahs, coral reefs, grasslands, fish, mammals, bacteria, air quality, ice cover, temperature, fresh water availability and productive soils.
max] there are two values for central density but only the lower value must be considered to describe stable neutron stars; the maximum mass is thus considered the maximum possible mass for a stable equilibrium configuration of neutron stars with a Fermi equation of state as obtained by Oppenheimer and Volkoff.
It will take time to find a stable equilibrium," he said in his speech in Brussels at the annual conference of heads of EU embassies abroad.
He also noted that, as commentators have pointed out, the market does not create a stable equilibrium.
At that time, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl wisely concluded that German economic dominance of Europe was not conducive to a stable equilibrium, and that a better plan for the future was to build on Germany's weight and influence to create a permanent common monetary order.
Among the topics are symmetrical multi-petal chaotic attractors in a three-dimensional autonomous system with only one stable equilibrium, catastrophic bifurcation in three-phase voltage-source converters, a chaotic image encryption scheme based on magic cube transformations, the global synchronization of a hyperchaotic system with four wings, and generating multi-scroll attractors from fractal and multi-fractal processes.
A lot of patients who have a stable equilibrium with their graft may destabilize under stress.
The law of gravity dictates that a pendulum will tend to hang vertically in a stable equilibrium.
Let us begin our study by searching for periodic solutions around nonlinearly stable equilibrium from the family [sub.
Every trajectory started in the first quadrant, except those starting with x = 0 or y = 0, will tend toward the stable equilibrium [E.