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Variant of stadholder.
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Around 1635 the war faction in the States-General and stadhouder Frederik Hendrik try to intensify campaigns against the Spanish in the Southern Netherlands, whereas others, with strong backing from 'regents' in the Province of Holland and the City of Amsterdam try to prevent war from interfering with maritime trade.
Carried along on a speculative wave that resembled the later South Sea Bubble, the Scots saw their project collapse in the face of incompetent planning, an inhospitable terrain, the hostility of the Spaniards and the obstruction of their king, William of Orange, who attached more importance to his responsibilities as King of England and Stadhouder of the Dutch Netherlands.
In 1795, French troops ousted Willem V of Orange, the Stadhouder under the Dutch Republic and head of the House of Orange.
Visitors were clearly drawn by the princely estates of stadhouder Willem III in Guelders, but Hainaut's appeal is less explicable, given the provincial townscape of Valenciennes, Mons, and Tournai.