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n.1.A house where a stage regularly stops for passengers or a relay of horses.
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But by the 1990s, touring shows were getting bigger and more elaborate, and the Van Wezel's stagehouse was too small for many of them.
I came hither but ten minutes ago, and write this letter in the bar of the Stagehouse.
Within about a year, the crumbling former stagehouse is to be transformed into a trendy nightclub, the likes of which Reseda hasn't seen since the closure of The Country Club - where in 1981 U2 held its first Los Angeles concert.
s access to stagehouse manuscripts identifies the London theatrical company with which W.
The magic in the stagehouse came from chairs flying 15 feet off the ground and objects spinning out of control.
Leigh's broad experience enables her to bring a unique blend of innovative solutions to her clients' projects, which have included: Starlight Theatre Stagehouse, Truman Medical Center's addition of a three-story intensive care unit, and H&R Block Corporate Headquarters expansion in Kansas City, Missouri.
Every stagehouse in town will be beckoning them with a wide range of plays, some old, some, new.
The Mouse House was sold a pup when it took a three-year lease on the Chicago Theatre, the least desirable downtown venue due to a shallow stagehouse that makes the venue unsuitable for massive legit tourers (a historical building to the rear prevents expansion).