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A Soviet worker honored and rewarded for exceptional diligence in increasing production.

[After Aleksei Grigorievich Stakhanov (1906-1977), Soviet miner.]
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In contrast to these Stakhanovite tradesmen, there is the "thinking media" - the armies of editors, columnists, opinion writers and other experts.
The sniper movement constitutes quite a special category, which without a stretch can be likened to the Stakhanovite movement, and which apparently holds its own with the former in the degree of its padding.
The rampant "food culture" invented by the educated elite--involving the Stakhanovite quest and conspicuous consumption of usually expensive comestibles reckoned healthy, organic, "sustainable," "ethnic," and esoteric--is inexhaustibly and rapturously scrutinized by the New York Times, a paper that emerged in the 1990s as the national chronicler and sounding board of that class.
In January 1936 at the fifteenth railroad division and works of the Ussuri railroads, workers discussed the manner of introduction of Stakhanovite methods:
Communist authorities censored the 'Man of Marble', angered by its portrayal of political corruption in the early 1950s Stalinist period, shown through the fall from grace of a Stakhanovite bricklayer.
He was at the heart of that brittle team for two years then became a key man in Gordon Strachan's sterile Stakhanovite team of willing workers and ready runners.
The very fact that Bhagwati (with a lifetime of theoretical innovations in trade theory) and the younger Irwin (with a Stakhanovite storm-worker record for estimating key parameters in the orthodox journals) are authorities in the science of trade means that the rhetoric of authority is executed every time they write a narrative on the art of trade policy.
On the other hand, despite being a literary Stakhanovite almost on a par with the Queen herself, Wilson is always worth reading.
It was exciting because the sense of mission was still there, and at times it seemed heroic (hauling truckloads of boxed records out of moldy theatre basements to bring to the newly established theatre archives at Guelph had a kind of Stakhanovite reward).
From time to time, The Stakhanovite Splitist Section of the Te Henga Nurses' Collective hears and reports on investigations into the Nation's health.
This was extended, of course, into Eastern Europe, where the coal miner Adolf Hennecke was the East German Stakhanovite and Wincenty Pstrowski the Polish.