Standard solution

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(Chem.) See Standardized solution, under Solution.

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ammonium standard solution 1 000 mg / l ammonium chloride in water, - anion-multiple element standard ii, 1000 mg / l cl, No3, So4, - aox standard p-chlorophenol 725 mg / l, Benzo (a) pyrene 10 ng / l in acetonitrile, Benzo (a) pyrene d12 10 ng / l in acetonitrile, - era 028 aldehydes / ketones dnph stock standard 13 1.
Since the standard solution has a known amount of a substance, this can be used to determine the precise amount of another substance during chemical analysis.
We prepared a stock standard solution of uric acid in 1 mmol/L ammonium hydroxide at a molar ratio of 1.

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