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 (stăn′ĭ-släv′skē, -släf′-), Konstantin Originally Konstantin Sergeyevich Alekseyev. 1863-1938.
Russian actor and director. A founder of the Moscow Art Theater, he produced many of Chekhov's plays and developed an innovative method of acting that emphasizes the psychological motivation of the actor.


(ˌstænɪˈslævskɪ; Russian stəniˈslafskij) or


(Biography) Konstantin (kənstanˈtin). 1863–1938, Russian actor and director, cofounder of the Moscow Art Theatre (1897). He is famous for his theory of acting, known as the Method, which directs the actor to find the truth within himself about the role he is playing


or Stan•i•slav•ski

(ˌstæn əˈslɑv ski, -ˈslɑf-)

Konstantin (Konstantin Sergeevich Alekseev), 1863–1938, Russian actor, producer, and director.
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Noun1.Stanislavsky - Russian actor and theater director who trained his actors to emphasize the psychological motivation of their roles (1863-1938)
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Stanislavsky in the World: The System and its Transformations Across Continents.
Scholars and practitioners of theater survey how the acting system of Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863-1938) has been adapted around the world as well as in the more studied countries of Europe and North America.
Or, to make the analogy more direct, was she our Stanislavsky, our Brecht--a leader both in theorizing and enacting the way to an ideal theatre of her own conviction and imagination?
Urin also joined from the Stanislavsky Theatre, where Filin was ballet director until the Bolshoi snapped him up.
Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky (17 January 1863-7 August 1938) was a Russian actor and theatre director.
This social-commentary piece is a result of a four-month long theatre exercise, utilizing developmental community theatre practices inspired by World Alternative Theatre formats like the Boalian Methodology, developed by Brazil's great Community Theater practitioner, Augusto Boal; The Theater of the Oppressed, Performance Art developed by the Asia meets Aisa performance art community, Cipher, Spoken Word, Stanislavsky and Philippine Hip Hop.
The performance will involve People's Artist of Russia Renat Ibragimov, soloist of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theater Irina Vashchenko, soloists of the Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Almaz Istambayev, Oksana Shutova and Bakyt Ybykeyev.
La Divina Comedia es coproducida por la Fundacion Stanislavsky de Moscu, Baltico Casa Festival de San Petersburgo, el Teatro Nacional y el Ministerio de Cultura de Lituania.
Other exercises stem from Stanislavsky, Strasberg and the improvisational tradition of the theater.
Describing "Audition" he says, "A famous director from New York comes to give an acting master-class; she is Simone Crystal, an ancient ex-movie star and an early member of The Actor's Studio; she teaches her own brand of the Stanislavsky acting system.
In 2003, Ardant received the Stanislavsky Award at the 25th Moscow
The long-serving theatre head is being replaced by Vladimir Urin of Moscow's Stanislavsky ant Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre, he said, adding that he was confident that Urin "can unite the Bolshoi Theatre's team".