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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: chart - a chart showing the relative positions of the stars in a particular part of the sky
chart - a visual display of information
carta celeste
zvaigžņu karte
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This laminated, folding pocket sky guide, now in its second edition, features seasonal glow-in-the-dark star charts with prominent constellations marked to help navigate the sky.
A stargazer usually finds it worthwhile to learn about the Greek alphabet and symbols, as they are commonly featured on many star charts and maps.
A Machine-woven silk pictures B Instruments for recording air pressure C Geological maps D Star charts QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: What is the name of the trophy presented to the winner of the Wimbledon Ladies Singles?
The public seems to be catching on; a growing number of visitors have been asking for star charts, showing up for guided moonwalks, and attending the annual star festival.
Star charts point to the installation of a new child king;" and "The star charts don't lie
Included are nearly 150 diagrams and illustrations--of the heavens, astrological views, depictions of gods and goddesses, sky totems, Tarot symbols, star charts, and more.
The siblings are a scientific odd couple played by writer Siobhan Nicholas and Chris Barnes, and we learn how Caroline's detailed star charts were made while she worked as her brother's assistant and dreamed of a career in music.
Every deep-sky observer, even with a computerized telescope, needs to become good at poking around with detailed star charts.
The first section is the monthly sky diary, which includes eight full-page seasonal star charts as well as four pages of information for each month, as follows:
The month by month star charts provide a good reminder of what can be seen in the sky each month.
President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney who will compete in the presidential race in November possess star charts that provide crucial insight into their personalities and astrological traits that lend themselves to leadership and cunning, which are particularly important for a high-profile position of power like that of President.
He said: "Such has been the growth in interest in stargazing that we now put binoculars and star charts in the rooms for guests.