Star coral

(Zool.) any one of numerous species of stony corals belonging to Astræa, Orbicella, and allied genera, in which the calicles are round or polygonal and contain conspicuous radiating septa.
- Gascoigne.

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Although most people associate coral with tropical regions, New York is home to a species of coral known as the northern star coral.
Moore said biologists are applying what they've learned from growing and transplanting staghorn and elkhorn corals to slower-growing species, such as star coral.
The new findings show that following a major bleaching event, Mountainous star coral on various reefs in Honduras and Belize was able to recover and grow normally within two to three years when the surrounding waters and reef were relatively healthy.
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Molecular basis and evolutionary origins of color diversity in great star coral Montastraea cavernosa (Scleractinia: Faviida).
Pretty Star Coral Cup He needs a few to come out to get into the race, but there's no need to panic until we see the five-day entries because I'm sure a number of them will disappear and hopefully he'll be all right.
Sadly, traditional vernacular is either dying or dead -- with the ironic exception of the five star coral stone and thatch beach-hotels.
Nearby, another species of star coral releases its delicate eggs and sperm separately like champagne bubbles.
Branded butterfly fish swim past, star coral, gorgonianas and brightly coloured sea anemones.
The major frame builder for the Caribbean and Florida reefs -- a Scleratinia species called star coral, or Montastrea annularis--takes 100 years to construct a limestone frame 1 meter in height, Hayes notes.
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