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n.1.One who starches.
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Twelve and a quarter," was the answer, just touched with pride "And I'd a-made more if it wasn't for that fake bunch of starchers.
Currently, Starcher serves as the chief executive officer of Mercy Health's 23 Mercy Health hospitals and the integrated network across Ohio and Kentucky.
The following teams also earned the Platinum Club award: The Aston Group, The Baker Global Team, The Cail Grande Group, The Colwell Team, Dennis Kotaska & Associates, The Greg Sheller Team, The Huxtable Team, The Lorman Team, The MJ Group, Sarasota Property Group, The Seider Group, The Starcher Team, Team Lily Behrends, Team Richard Capps, and The Trexler Team.
Caption: First Ace Committeechair Ken Starcher and USHA President LeaAnn Martin flank the alumni awards winners--Austin Biddle, Pedro Murillo and Carlos Espinoza--during the national juniors banquet.
Especially at today's low electricity prices, driven by a glut of natural gas, it's hard to envision how all these new wind farms sprouting in the badlands can be competitive without "significant direct and indirect support at the state and federal level," says Kenneth Starcher, former director of the Alternative Energy Institute at West Texas A&M University.
Nelson and Starcher present readers with a comprehensive introduction to the field of bioenergy--thermal energy, power, biogas, and liquid fuels sourced from biomass--and the major processes for its production, conversion, and contemporary use.
Numerous reasons for non-compliance with reading have been discussed and, as cited in Starcher & Profitt (2011), include lack of student motivation (Rothkopf, 1988), lack of congruence between student and professor goals for the course (Nolen, 1996), and poor understanding of the role of the assigned reading (Brest & Bradley, 2006).
In the political realm, an Eastern Oregon woman named Laura Stockton Starcher, with the help of her women friends in Umatilla, carried out one of the most subtle and pointed coups in the state's history soon after Oregon women won the right to vote in 1912.
We are on pace to have our best year ever in unit sales," Stafford Starcher, president of the Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee and a realtor with Re/Max Alliance Group, said in late October.
Your center runs on statistics," Jeremy Starcher, vice president of business development for VHT, notes in a recent white paper.
Simpson CL, Lindley S, Eisenberg C, Basalyga DM, Starcher BC, Simionescu DT, et al.
Starcher, associate professor of intercultural studies at Biola University, is the editor.