states rights

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states'′ rights′
the rights belonging to the states, esp. with reference to the strict construction of the Constitution by which all rights not delegated to the federal government belong to the states.
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Arkansass congressional delegation advocated for the preservation of states rights and a review of the Plains and Eastern Clean Line Projectan energy transmission line that stretches nearly 300 miles across the statein a meeting with the Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry on Monday.
According to the contract, Forma Therapeutics received an upfront cash payment of USD195m and Celgene was granted an option to license ex- United States rights to select present and future drug candidates until 1 October 2019.
I don't see how restricting a certain class of people from being educated or voting, which too many states were doing under the umbrella of states rights, was worth preserving.
States Rights Gist; a South Carolina general of the Civil War.
It is the Court may choose a compromise, which recognizes the Court has two other states' rights cases before it and so finesses a plausibly politically seditious conservative versus liberal confrontation over greater expansion of a supreme federal power versus so-called states rights.
Jackson apparently wanted to hold onto United States rights until Michael Jackson's legal troubles are resolved.