Stationary air

(Physiol.) the air which under ordinary circumstances does not leave the lungs in respiration.

See also: Stationary

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Tenders are invited for Testing of air tanks and vessels (hydraulically and ultrsonicaliy) of various hemm and stationary air compressors
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state environmental regulator, has dozens of stationary air monitors across Texas, but the ones in Harvey-affected areas were temporarily turned off during the storm.
And the Terrans have focused on establishing air superiority with the Liberator, a versatile, heavily armed gunship with twin missile launchers and the ability to transform into a stationary air platform, much like its ground-based Siege Tank counterpart.
Sullair is globally recognised as a leading manufacturer of portable air compressors, contractors' air tools, stationary air compressors, compressed air treatment equipment and vacuum systems.
The stationary air compressors were the major revenue contributors in 2013 and would continue to drive the market through 2020, based on their wide scale applications in heavy duty industry.
The key point is that the flow around a smooth sphere the size of a golf ball travelling through stationary air at the speeds experienced when driven from the tee is nominally laminar and just below the critical Reynolds number.
Other sectors, such as stationary air conditioning, foams and fire suppression, could be covered by a total ban, though they are only subject to a gradual reduction of HFC consumption to 21% of current levels by 2030.
Sullair's new website focuses on compressed air solutions with Stationary Air Power products and services targeting manufacturing industries and Portable Air Power products and services targeting mining, infrastructure and energy markets.
A federal court has upheld an Environmental Protection Agency rule governing emissions of dust in rural areas, a decision that the National Pork Producers Council says could result in livestock operations being treated as stationary air emissions sources that are required by federal and state laws to obtain emissions permits.
According to Johnson, most of the agents stationary air quality monitors were knocked out by Katrina.