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A vacation in which one does not travel away from home.

[Blend of stay and vacation.]


(ˌsteɪˈkeɪʃən) or


informal a holiday in which leisure activities are pursued while staying at one's own home
[C21: stay1 + (va)cation]
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Muscat: With the National Day holidays starting today, hotels and resorts in Oman are ready with their staycation packages.
com, the possibilities for a luxurious staycation are virtually limitless.
A THRIVING staycation economy is boosting small businesses around the country according to a new survey1 from Barclays Business, with more than three quarters of UK adults (77%) that have been on, or are planning a UK staycation.
Some 77% of Britons have already been on a so-called staycation or are planning to take one, according to a Barclays Business poll of 2,000 adults.
Travel Business Review-July 20, 2015--Nearly three quarters of Brits choose staycation over overseas holiday
com)-- Discovery Primea pays homage to the most important woman in your life with limited-time offers at Restaurant Tapenade and Mother's Day weekend staycation packages.
But the city has beaten York, Cardi, Manchester, Bristol, the Yorkshire Dales, Bournemouth, the Peak District, Cambridge, Glasgow and Bridlington in the top 20 Staycation weekend destinations.
Instead, do it on a dime by planning a custom staycation (a vacay where you just "stay," natch) right in your own town--no delayed flights, no long security lines.
Now I know the word staycation sounds like someone with a drink in them trying to buy a PlayStation but it's the in-thing.
London will continue to top the staycation league table; attracting 16% of domestic spend by 2017.
Travelodge spokesman Shakila Ahmed said: "This year, parents are certainly investing in an Easter staycation short break, as we have seen a double digit increase in sales.