Staying somewhere

Staying somewhere   
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Is it a case of going somewhere, being in a very strong squad and potentially being in the mix of winning something or is it staying somewhere and trying to do your damnedest and make something happen?
Whether the Nativa woman is moving around or staying somewhere overnight, we naturally put her in touch with all her lifestyle needs whenever she travels abroad on business.
The description reads: "Fancy staying somewhere a little different?
He wanted to see his girlfriend Kourtney and their kids, but when he found out that some family members are at the beach house, he started to think about staying somewhere else because he didn't want to see Kim Kardashian.
Any feeling of isolation dissipates thanks to the luxurious surroundings and you really feel that you are staying somewhere special, even when the sky is jam-packed with rainclouds as it was during our stay.
We know that travellers from all over the world really like the idea of staying somewhere unusual," said Paul Hennessy, Chief Marketing Officer of Booking.
The 37-year-old was last known to be living in Southacre Avenue, Highgate, and officers suspect he is staying somewhere in the Birmingham area.
That decision has electrified others in the fashion world, including Anna Wintour, Love magazine editor Katie Grand, and designers like Tomas Meier, creative director of Bottega Veneta, who told The Advocate that he would be staying somewhere "more human rights-friendly" on his next trip to Milan.
It's better to be a little bit out of the way and staying somewhere like Edinburgh does make sense if that's what you want.
A spokesman said: "Our message to everyone is to behave responsibly when they are staying somewhere that has a balcony.
If your daughter is staying somewhere that has wi-fi or a landline, use Skype.
The absconding convict, who is believed to be staying somewhere near Mysore, had stated that he would return to Kerala and surrender to police.