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A boat powered by a steam engine driving one or more propellers or paddle wheels.


(Nautical Terms) a boat powered by a steam-engine



a steam-driven vessel, esp. a small one or one used on inland waters.
[1775–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.steamboat - a boat propelled by a steam enginesteamboat - a boat propelled by a steam engine  
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
showboat - a river steamboat on which theatrical performances could be given (especially on the Mississippi River)
parníkparní člun
buharlı gemiistimbot


[ˈstiːmbəʊt] Nvapor m, buque m de vapor


[ˈstiːmbəʊt] n (= steamer) → bateau m à vapeursteam-driven [ˈstiːmdrɪvən] adjà vapeursteamed up adj
[glass, windows] → embué(e)
(= het up) to be steamed up about sth → être énervé(e) par qch
to get steamed up about sth, to get steamed up over sth → s'énerver à propos de qchsteam engine nlocomotive f à vapeur


[ˈstiːmˌbəʊt] nnave f a vapore; (small) → vaporetto


(stiːm) noun
1. a gas or vapour that rises from hot or boiling water or other liquid. Steam rose from the plate of soup / the wet earth in the hot sun; a cloud of steam; (also adjective) A sauna is a type of steam bath.
2. power or energy obtained from this. The machinery is driven by steam; Diesel fuel has replaced steam on the railways; (also adjective) steam power, steam engines.
1. to give out steam. A kettle was steaming on the stove.
2. (of a ship, train etc) to move by means of steam. The ship steamed across the bay.
3. to cook by steam. The pudding should be steamed for four hours.
steam-driven / steam-powered machinery.
ˈsteamer noun
a steamboat or steamship.
ˈsteamy adjective
of, or full of, steam. the steamy atmosphere of the laundry.
ˈsteamboat, ˈsteamship nouns
a ship driven by steam.
steam engine
a moving engine for pulling a train, or a fixed engine, driven by steam.
steam roller
a type of vehicle driven by steam, with wide and heavy wheels for flattening the surface of newly-made roads etc.
full steam ahead
at the greatest speed possible.
get steamed up
to get very upset or angry.
get up steam
to build up energy ready for effort.
let off steam
1. to release steam into the air.
2. to release or get rid of excess energy, emotion etc. The children were letting off steam by running about in the playground.
run out of steam
to lose energy, or become exhausted.
steam up
to (cause to) become covered with steam. The windows steamed up / became steamed up.
under one's own steam
by one's own efforts, without help from others. John gave me a lift in his car, but Mary arrived under her own steam.
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Who knew that sons of the King of Siam borrowed Lord Penrhyn's steam boat for a pleasure cruise up the Menai Strait in 1898?
Mountain rescue deputy leader Roger Pickup said that the team was called to assist in the search for Matthew on March 27 and strong indications were given from the search dog, Boris, suggesting he had been at the Steam Boat Museum entrance.
As the success of the venture increased, NNWSS took over the Liverpool, Llandudno and Welsh Coast Steam Boat Company, their big rivals, to operate as the Liverpool North Wales Steamship Company.
In his workshop steam boat furniture labels become pieces of jewelry and lost keys or forgotten World War I soldier belt buckles come to life again and become a part of the collection.
But if you get tired of using your legs, take a trip with Ullswater Steamers and enjoy the views from the comfort of an old fashioned steam boat from PS6.
He knows the Amazon inside out and was also instrumental in lovingly restoring the Ayapua steam boat, our home for our six-day adventure.
FULL STEAM AHEAD: The Ayapua steam boat IT'S pitch black as we set off in a small wooden boat along a tributary of the Samiria River, deep in the Amazon basin.
Hire an electric bike, or take a steam boat along a lake.
Keith, of Meriden Street, Coundon, has just finished building a reproduction 1870s steam boat at Swan Lane Wharf in Upper Stoke.
The funeral cortege went aboard the Robert Chambers steam boat, and was taken by water to St Mary's Church yard in Whickham, Gateshead.
Indeed, Disney proved true to its reputation by not stopping there, as the virtual porthole not only shows day turning to night and night to day, but displays the arrival of special visitors, from Pearl, the starfish from "Finding Nemo," to Sebastion of "The Little Mermaid"--and do not be surprised if Steam Boat Willie stops by.
After honeymooning in Steam Boat Springs, Colorado, the couple is at home in Batesville.