Steam power

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the force or energy of steam applied to produce results; power derived from a steam engine.

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The General Grant was rigged with three masts, giving a large capacity for sails, and thus materially aiding the steam power.
So many hundred Hands in this Mill; so many hundred horse Steam Power.
s Aunt already stumbling over some impediment, and menacing steam power as an Institution with a stony reticule she carried.
There was a great steam power plant and an electricity plant.
The small capitalists are left stranded by the ebb; the big ones will follow the tide across the water, and rebuild their factories where steam power, water power, labor power, and transport are now cheaper than in England, where they used to be cheapest.
Although British Railways officially finished with steam power on August 11, 1968, Alan Pegler's contract still allowed him to run Flying Scotsman on the mainline.
Siemens will supply the key components for the Attarat steam power plant in Jordan.
Inaugurating 132-KV Steam Power grid station in Faisalabad, the minister said, 'Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is taking keen interest for providing the maximum relief to people during Ramazan.
Contract Awarded for Piiping installation in Power Block - Boiler 1 & FGD 1 at Shuqaiq Steam Power Plant Project
At its Minds + Machines event in Paris, GE Power recently unveiled the Digital Power Plant for Steam, a suite of technologies that can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving the performance and efficiency of coal-fired steam power plants.
THOUSANDS of families descended on the Albert Dock for a spectacular festival of steam power.
He added that the minister has also reviewed the latest developments in the Suez steam power plant project, which has a capacity of 650 MW.