Steam vessel

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a vessel propelled by steam; a steamboat or steamship; a steamer.

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lt;BNotes on the mechanics of the cross-channel steam vessel Arrow, written in Dover by a Neath Abbey Ironworks worker in 1822.
7 Clive Edwards shares his passion for magnolias and there are more tales from the allotment 8&9 The African Queen steam vessel is on the water once more - and you could climb aboard 10 Pick a fantastic holiday from our readers' selection 11 A two for one cruise offer - and it sails from Bristol 12&13 Next week's TV highlights plus books, DVDs 14 Your seven day TV listings Edited by Margaret O'Reilly email: margaret.
A SHIP'S bell from the wreck of a steam vessel which sunk in a World War One torpedo attack off Anglesey will go on public display for the first time.
The Moroccan tagine is a large earthenwear dish with a conical lid which acts as a kind of steam vessel, allowing the ingredients to cook slowly and to evenly tenderise.
The digestor process uses a steam vessel equipped with a paddle agitator for continually stirring the crumb rubber while steam is being applied.
The coal-fired steam vessel was the centrepiece of the museum at Victoria Dock' The town's next carnival queen was Bernardette McDermot on June 27, 1987' This photograph dates from April 12, 1946.
A total of 23,943 sailing and steam vessels, amounting to nearly 11 million tons, paid harbour dues for the year ending July 1895.
Tenders are invited for twenty-four (24) spiral wound flex gaskets 12" x 16" x 1/600 psi steam pressure mud and steam drum gaskets all chp hp steam vessels, eight (8) zeetex 220t fire box gasket 15/34" x 19 1" x 1/8" and ten (10) zeetex 2200t economizer manway gasket to fit b&w boiler fm-3105 nat board #24964.
This practice of dumping ballast ended when steam vessels began using water ballast in the mid-19th century.
Copper is widely used in various industries, including water transference and steam vessels in plants and electronic industries.