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n.1.The occupation or business of running a steamboat, or of transporting merchandise, passengers, etc., by steamboats.
2.(Bookbinding) The shearing of a pile of books which are as yet uncovered, or out of boards.
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The Negros hung enchanted upon a great story of her experiences, interrupting her all along with eager questions, with laughter, exclamations of delight, and expressions of applause; and she was obliged to confess to herself that if there was anything better in this world than steamboating, it was the glory to be got by telling about it.
It is quite a thrill for Memphis as steamboating returns once again with the arrival of the American Queen," explains Presley.
NAVIGATING THE MISSOURI: STEAMBOATING ON NATURE'S HIGHWAY 1819-1935 offers a complete history of steamboating for any interested in American history and transportation.