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 (stē-ăt′ə-pĭj′ē-ə, -pī′jē-ə)
An extreme accumulation of fat on the buttocks.

[steato- + Greek pugē, rump + -ia.]

ste′a·to·pyg′ic (stē′ă-tə-pĭj′ĭk, -pī′jĭk), ste′a·to·py′gous (-pī′gəs) adj.
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The 'Venus impudique' from Laugerie-Basse, the red statuette of a seated steatopygous lady from Le Courbet and an engraved pebble from the Abri Murat were obvious.
Most of these dolls are nude, and some of the sitting mothers are distinctly steatopygous.
The steatopygous profile of the SMC decklid increases trunk room (13.