Steerage passenger

a passenger who takes passage in the steerage of a vessel.

See also: Steerage

References in classic literature ?
When he reappeared the papers were full of the murder; and the man who had committed it was on the wide Atlantic, a steerage passenger from Liverpool to New York.
Like many others (the steerage passenger lists from the Titanic include large numbers of Levantine names), they left to avoid intensified forced conscription by the Ottoman authorities and outbursts of sectarian violence and banditry that followed the empire's dissolution.
And one Irish steerage passenger, Annie Kelly, revealed afterwards that the stewards failed to raise an alarm to wake those in steerage and e v e n told concerned steerage passengers to go back to bed as there was no danger.
By contrast, the steerage passenger who drowns saving the dog is little celebrated, though his behavior has been kindly, perhaps even heroic.
Staff were also frustrated by the tipping systems; as early as 1914 the stewards of one line proposed eliminated tipping if the line would pay them two dollars for each first-class passenger onboard, one dollar for each second-class passenger, and 35 cents for each steerage passenger.
THERE they were, 90 years ago today, Leonardo DiCaprio, humble steerage passenger aboard the ill-fated liner, and Kate Winslett, millionaire's doxy travelling, naturally, first class along with some of America's most towering tycoons.
Wearing a baggy brown sweater, work pants and heavy boots, with a faint reddish-brown beard and a complexion that clearly hasn't spent the summer hanging at Santa Monica Beach, he almost could be a steerage passenger fresh off an ocean liner from County Cork.
He is the roguish steerage passenger who only wangles his way on to the ship at the last minute.
LEONARDO DiCaprio almost turned down the role of a lifetime as the free-spirited young steerage passenger Jack Dawson.
Waving passengers crowded the decks as the ship prepared to set sail, many dressed in period costumes as first-class passengers, crew members, steerage passenger and stewards.
Two of these (used by my companion and myself) detail life on board as a steerage passenger or as a first-class traveller, each based on first-person historical accounts; another describes the vessel from the point of view of a marine archaeologist, whilst the last is aimed at children.
But it is built around a love story between poor steerage passenger Leonardo DiCaprio and upper-class socialite Kate Winslet in the ultimate shipboard romance.