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n.1.(Zool.) A gander.
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With the addition of some others, who were also bound for the Grimsel, we formed a large XHVLOJ as we descended the STEG which winds round the shoulder of a mountain toward the Rhone Glacier.
During iPAD Rwanda, STEG-IS's Deputy General Manager, Mr Jamil Korked, will moderate one of the Project Roundtable Discussions on the conference programme with the focus on: "The benefits of adopting a MALT system: STEG International's Rural Electrification case-study.
Herabi pointed out that STEG renewable energy had conducted several efficiency studies as part of contracts for the benefit of the above mentioned companies since 2015.
Tunis says STEG and the private sector need to add more than 200MW a year of new capacity in order to hit the 7,500MW the state utility estimate it will need to produce in 2020 to meet growing demand.
Steg, professor of cardiology at the University of Paris.
So it's a massive bit of respect for Steg to have him rap: "This is what hip hop is supposed to sound like" to his beats.
We have decided for the time being to stop selling 'Istanbul coffee' - ou= r Turkish coffee blend, and we shall keep doing it until matters improve," = Steg said.
Asked about Egyptians' reaction, Steg said that the German government "has not been silent.
Steg said Chancellor Angela Merkel's administration has overseen a sizeable decrease in the guarantees for firms seeking to do business with Tehran.
BGIT sells its output to STEG under a contract which first called for the supply of 160 MCF/d of treated gas (out of 240 MCF/d of raw gas) for five years starting from mid-1995.
The project is managed by STEG and Libya's General Electric Company and has been partly financed by the Kuwait-based Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD).