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The deliberate concealment of data within other data, as by embedding digitized text in a digitized image.

[New Latin steganographia, cryptography, cipher : Greek steganos, covered (from stegein, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots) + -graphiā, -graphy.]

steg′a·no·graph′ic (-nə-grăf′ĭk) adj.


of, or pertaining to, steganography
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This downloader now delivers other malware via steganographic techniques.
Specific bits of a digital image file that have been replaced with the bits of a secret steganographic payload permit a covert agent to post top-secret documents on their Facebook wall by simply uploading what appear to be cute images of kittens on any typical Saturday.
GSSC's covert Security Indicia (SI) is a patented and proprietary technology which uses a steganographic encoding process undetectable with the naked eye and authenticated only by using GSSC's proprietary decoding methods.
Several ideas for hiding shares in meaningful content have been proposed with steganographic techniques, in which the secret image can be fully reconstructed as presented in schemes [2, 4, 6, 14, 15].
Breaking the Steganographic Utilities EzStego, Jsteg, Steganos, and S-Tools --and Some Lessons Learned.
She further informed that the steganographic program was activated by pressing control-alt-E and then typing in a 27-character password, which the FBI found written down on a piece of paper during one of its searches.
A secure steganographic system is shown in Figure 1, which depicts step by step process of hiding process of concealed message on a cover medium.
Compared with existing schemes, their scheme does not depend on the steganographic methods.
Once this is accomplished, the implementation structure of steganographic algorithms can be atomically examined by comparing and contrasting such attributes as file and message size, the consistency of the most significant bit, and character location and distribution techniques.
A computer forensic consultant found a copy of what is called a steganographic program.
The agents told the company of the site where Frank had posted the steganographic picture containing hidden information.
The editors have separated the book into two parts, with the first dealing with steganography, its fundamental principles, steganographic applications, and breaking steganographic communication.