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The deliberate concealment of data within other data, as by embedding digitized text in a digitized image.

[New Latin steganographia, cryptography, cipher : Greek steganos, covered (from stegein, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots) + -graphiā, -graphy.]

steg′a·no·graph′ic (-nə-grăf′ĭk) adj.


of, or pertaining to, steganography
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For the JPEG is one of the most popular image formats in social networks, image-sharing websites and Internet traffic, there exist numerous steganographic algorithms and the corresponding software tools for JPEG image.
But to make the concepts clearer, only application of steganographic techniques for BMP will be undertaken in this article.
High capacity steganographic method based upon JPEG.
Kaspersky noted the scientific development and testing of a variety of steganographic methods and algorithms.
ABSTRACT: A hybrid steganographic technique has been proposed to enlarge the size of secret message and to hide several images in one cover image.
com/growing-cyberthreat-steganographic-malware-hiding-images-2555102) Growing Cyberthreat: Steganographic Malware Hiding In Images
A novel session based dual steganographic technique using DWT and spread spectrum.
the states in general can be provided today only by means of complex system of information security, one of obligatory components of which is the steganographic system.
Our business is to leverage emerging technologies, such as blockchain, crypto and steganographic techniques, but in a way that is simple and intuitive for end users," said co-founder Steve Cook.
These include steganographic approaches, multibiometric recognition, two-factor authentication, sample replay prevention, and sensor and sample authentication.
An Adaptive Image Steganographic Model Based on Minimum-Error LSB Replacement, [Online].
This downloader now delivers other malware via steganographic techniques.