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The deliberate concealment of data within other data, as by embedding digitized text in a digitized image.

[New Latin steganographia, cryptography, cipher : Greek steganos, covered (from stegein, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots) + -graphiā, -graphy.]

steg′a·no·graph′ic (-nə-grăf′ĭk) adj.


the practice of concealing messages in such a way that only the sender and the recipient know that there is a message


Archaic. the use of a secret language or code; cryptography. — steganographer, n.
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Noun1.steganography - act of writing in code or cipher
committal to writing, writing - the activity of putting something in written form; "she did the thinking while he did the writing"
encoding, encryption - the activity of converting data or information into code
recoding - converting from one code to another
decipherment, decoding, decryption - the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text; "a secret key or password is required for decryption"
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While this basic premise is fairly common, we've recently seen a resurgence in the use of steganography among a new audience--malware authors.
In 2004, Lin and Tsai [8] proposed a secret sharing scheme with steganography and authentication mechanisms to hide the shares inside meaningful content.
IW, EW, and IO encompass the use of cryptography (cryptology and cryptanalysis), radar jamming, high-altitude aerial reconnaissance, electronic surveillance, electronically acquired intelligence, and steganography.
Attendants shared information on digital steganography, or, the hiding of messages within data (such as music or image files), and the variety of options available when using proxies.
We intend to show how image spam mails can be employed as a steganography medium for securely transmitting sensitive information over open networks.
In Security, Forensics, Steganography, and Watermarking of Multimedia Contents X, volume 6819 of Proceedings of SPIE
The digital and networked nature of this distribution permits me to be observed (as the Doctor appears to be able to "see" Sally from another time and place), information on my viewing habits to be collected, hidden messages to be distributed, from copy protection via digital rights management, to Easter Eggs on my DVDS that I may never know about, to Al Qaeda's putative use of digital steganography in apparently "innocent" images on the internet.
Collage relies on a technique known as digital steganography, in which an image le is changed to encode the hidden message without affecting the appearance of the image.
Their studies included discovering the level of privacy of information stored on a computer, and how hidden messages can be concealed in picture or music files through steganography.
However, there is an overlay of the digital age, they are using wi-fi, their own private wi-fi, and something called steganography.
Steganography in digital media; principles, algorithms, and applications.