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n. pl.1.(Paleon.) An extinct order of herbivorous dinosaurs, including the genera Stegosaurus, Omosaurus, and their allies.
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2012), represented by an isolated skeleton, as well as other taxa represented by isolated remains identified as Stegosauria indet.
The material of Baldovar is referred to Stegosauria by the presence of a parallel-sided blade of the scapula, an indistinct fourth trochanter on the femur, and paired dermal spines on the tail (Galton and Upchurch, 2004; Maidment et al, 2008).
2007): Analyse phylogenetique, evolution et paleobiologie des Stegosauria (Dinosauria: Thyreophora) et test de l'utilite des caracteres morphometriques en cladistique.