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 (stī′kən), Edward Jean 1879-1973.
Luxembourg-born American photographer who pioneered photography as a fine art.


(ˈstaɪ kən)

Edward, 1879–1973, U.S. photographer.
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Noun1.Steichen - United States photographer who pioneered artistic photography (1879-1973)Steichen - United States photographer who pioneered artistic photography (1879-1973)
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His previous associations include Vice President, Senior Analyst positions at Miller Johnson Steichen Kinnard and Wachovia Securities, where he started as an Associate Analyst in Healthcare Services.
Alain Steichen, Managing Partner and co-founder of the firm congratulates: “We are delighted to welcome Linda as a Partner at Bonn Steichen & Partners as she is one of the most talented lawyers in Private Equity in Luxembourg.
Taken by Edward Steichen in New York in 1904, Pond-Moonlight is now the world's most expensive photograph.
Imagine Garry Winogrand's portfolio "Women Are Beautiful," 1975, redone by Edward Steichen with a little help from Anton Giulio Bragaglia and Sigmar Polke.
Graham Nash has donated two works by American photographer Edward Steichen to the J.
Taken during the time Steichen was chief photographer for Conde Nast Publications, the picture imbues the legendary Hollywood actress with mystery and hidden allure through the concealment of her face.
Bullock, Bullock & Blakemore; Atlas Pipeline Mid-Continent, LLC; Plymouth Resources; Hillcrest Health Care; Penn Virginia Corporation; Occidental Petroleum Corporation; Deloitte & Touche; MPW Engineering; Eldridge, Cooper, Steichen & Leach, PLLC; Blueview, Inc.
com)-- David Bassett, President of AmeriStar Tax Centers, a nationwide professional tax resolution firm representing taxpayers before the IRS, has announced that Mark Steichen has joined the firm's tax resolution department.
Portraitist of Marianne Moore, Charlie Parker, Oscar Peterson, and Albert Einstein, she was admired by no less than Edward Steichen, who included Bubley's work in a number of exhibitions at New York's Museum of Modern Art, including his legendary 1955 photography show, "The Family of Man.
They include two works by Edward Steichen (1879-1973), one of America's most prominent turn-of-the-century photographers; 119 color prints by William Eggleston, a dominant figure of the post-1960s color documentary style; and 198 prints by 32 established photographers working in the United States and Latin America, among them Joel Sternfeld, Adam Bartos and Flor Garduno.
Commented Rene Steichen, Chairman of the Board of Directors: "SES has now bought back and cancelled 32% of its issued shares since the share buyback programmes started in 2005, thereby creating considerable added value for its shareholders.
A major attraction of these two art images libraries is that fine art and photographic images of known artists like van Gogh, Picasso, Max Ernst, Frida Kahlo, Edward Steichen, Man Ray, etc.