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 (brō′mə-lən, -lān′) also bro·me·lin (-lən)
A proteolytic enzyme obtained from pineapples.

[New Latin Bromel(ia), former pineapple genus; see bromeliad + (pap)ain.]


(Biochemistry) an enzyme derived from pineapple, used as an anti-inflammatory agent in homeopathy and as a meat tenderizer in the food industry
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In view of the above, the purpose of this study is to maximize the activity of spray dried recombinant stem bromelain by optimization of some spray drying process operational conditions.
Binding of antibromelain monomeric FabV improves the stability of stem bromelain against inactivation.
Expression, purification and characterization of a recombinant stem bromelain from Ananas comosus.