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 (stĕp′făm′ə-lē, -făm′lē)
n. pl. step·fam·i·lies
A family with one or more stepchildren.


(ˈstɛpˌfæmɪlɪ; ˈstɛpˌfæmlɪ)
n, pl -lies
a family created by a second union in which there are stepchildren or step-parents


(ˈstɛpˌfæm ə li, -ˌfæm li)

n., pl. -lies.
a family composed of a parent, a stepparent, and a child or children by a previous marriage.
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The dearly loved daughter of Maggie and step daughter of Peter and daughter of Peter Ramsden and step daughter of Karen and twin sister to Sarah and a dear sister, niece and aunty.
Police said the man was reported by his 15-year-old step daughter who claimed that she had been repeatedly raped by the 46-year-old since 2011 when she was 11.
Thiruvananthapuram: The tales of domestic abuse being reported in Kerala had another shameful addition this week with the arrest of a 42-year-old man alleged to have been abusing his step daughter for several years.
The 31-year-old wife of Cricket legend Glenn McGrath took over to Twitter to show her 5000 followers how proud she is of her 11-year-old step daughter, News.
Loved always by dad Colin, step daughter to Jacqui, step sister to Sharon, Nicola and Sean, auntie to Laura, niece to Lynn and auntie to Danielle and Rebecca.
According to Kulbaira Temirova, Tolschikhin inflicted stab wounds into his son-in-law\'s neck, his step daughter and wife on September 5, 2007 as a result of quarrel in Belovodskoye village.
I have two children, a 10-year-old step daughter and my four-year-old son.
A woman who forced her 9-year-old step daughter to eat rubbish was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assaulting the girl in the city of Wakayama, police said.
SARA Payne has joined the outcry against the decision in Scotland not to appeal the "unduly lenient" sentence of Mark Little, who was caught with 2,500 child porn images and films of himself abusing his step daughter.
But when my elder step daughter was 15, I discovered she was sleeping with my son.
According to reports, the priest's other step daughter fainted during yesterday's court hearing and an ambulance was called to the scene to give her first aid.
As the family arrived, Mo and his step daughter were seen striking his famous 'Mobot' pose on the red carpet.