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 (stĕp′făm′ə-lē, -făm′lē)
n. pl. step·fam·i·lies
A family with one or more stepchildren.


(ˈstɛpˌfæmɪlɪ; ˈstɛpˌfæmlɪ)
n, pl -lies
a family created by a second union in which there are stepchildren or step-parents


(ˈstɛpˌfæm ə li, -ˌfæm li)

n., pl. -lies.
a family composed of a parent, a stepparent, and a child or children by a previous marriage.
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STEP Mom stars Julia Roberts as beautiful, fashionable photographer Isabel who falls in love with Luke, played by Ed Harris, a divorced father of two.
The only thing holding them back from winning the fab first prize is Polly's scheming future step mom and her jealous classmate Beth.
To prevent neighbours coming to her help, step mom had spread the stories that Pratyusha was insane and had the habit of screaming and yelling.
Dounia enjoys a great relationship with her step children, especially Hala, whom she recorded a duet together in April, where Hala tells her step mom "I love you" on several occasions.
Excited about my new step mom," Erin wrote in the caption which many took as a hint that the "Smash" star is joining their family.
She is currently shooting for Karan Johar's version of the hit Hollywood film Step Mom.
The President's step mom thinks she was really lucky, as she could not have afforded healthcare if she was in America.